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Counterfeiting FMCG products and packaging is a booming industry worldwide. Counterfeiters utilize an assortment of tactics and strategies to do so.

With the packaging of original goods, counterfeiters also use refill or repackage fake goods. It has been noted that old plastic water bottles are being repackaged and sold in the market the same is the case with many other items.

Counterfeits or spurious FMCG goods harms brands and consumers alike.
  • An industry expert says that duplicate products in the FMCG sector have an impact on both Brands and customers. Not just customer suffers because of fake but the brand does too. Brands suffer from a undermine brand image and low sales, the consumer is at the risk of losing money.
  • Counterfeit FMCG Product pose a serious risk to public health and safety
  • Irreversible environmental hazards such as the contamination of the groundwater, soil, beneficial microorganisms, air, and so on.
  • Loss of brand trust
  • Unethical manufacturers are also dangerous to the national economy. The main reason behind this is that they avoid taxes and lead to a rise in a host of other criminal activities. Counterfeit items also put an unnecessary strain on the health system.
According to an AC Nielsen research, 30% of the FMCG sector is lost to counterfeit goods, and 80% of FMCG consumers who purchased these products assumed that they had purchased originals. Consumption and usage of substandard or low-quality FMCG goods may result in significant health problems. Further, with the growth in population and subsequent rise in brand competition, there will be a massive surge in the FMGC industry. Such favorable forecasts make FMGC a prime target for counterfeiters, who stand to gain by selling tampered, diluted, and fake products. So far, a combination of Hologram, QR Codes, and Serialization has been used to fight counterfeiters, but to no avail and effective zero security. These solutions are easily replicable, susceptible to tampering, and even require special scanning equipment. On the other hand, Checko is a 100% copy-proof and tamper-proof solution that ensures lasting protection for your products and even contributes to the enhancement of your brand's image, customer engagement, and marketing analytics. Read how Checko benefited one of the largest producers of wheat flour in the Indian FMCG industry.

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