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Checko tags have 3D random features which even we cannot replicate again through printing.

Checko technology, at core, is mathematically secure (not just difficult to make) and based on Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF).

The printing is supported on variety of surface: paper, plastic, paperboards etc. It provides simple and quick production authentication.

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Anti- Counterfeiting

World’s only copy-proof patented technology which provides 100% accurate product authentication solution across all the smartphones

Empowers Consumers to Report Fakes

Enable your consumers to easily authenticate your products and empower them to be your army against counterfeiting

Consumers can easily report the incident of counterfeiting from their smartphones, along with the pictures and other specific details

Instant Fraud Alerts

Detect faking attempts in real-time or utilize grey market analytics to make sure your goods reach their target market.

Our system continuously monitors for anomaly signals and send alerts as soon as they surface. The brand protection and legal teams get up to a second of real-time data, along with the location of the places which are red-flagged by our anti-counterfeit software algorithms

Integrated marketing automation on simplest loyalty platform.

On-board and auto manage your customers with an end to end highly effective loyalty platform

Continuously influence and re-engage your customers with integrated marketing automation

  • Frictionless participation
  • Personalized communication
  • Dashboards to track, analyse, and tune up the marketing automation
  • A dedicated team to help you optimize your marketing campaigns

Augmented Reality: Consumer Engagement & Services

Inspire customers with rich exclusive content or augmented reality after the authentication.

  • Bring static ad Alive with Augmented Reality video
  • Customer delight & surprise
  • Augmented Reality video maximizes customer engagement
  • Communicate product USPs with maximum impact
  • Demonstrate product usage & increase customer interaction
  • Stand apart from competitors!
  • Customized video shown based on the geo-location and time
  • (Captures) The minute details about user engagement
  • Marketing Heat-maps and User behaviour
  • Evaluate campaign performance accurately and re- target more effectively!


Checko driven warranty program empowers brands to approve warranty only on 100% genuine and tamper proof items

Retailers, Ecommerce seller & resellers are using a large amount of resources to identify genuine articles from fake or grey market ones when consumer claims for product return or repair under warranty services. Sellers use higher profile retail points of sale to reach out to customers and in an attempt to convince the buyers of a higher probability of a genuine sale.

Checko tags are uniquely identifiable and tamper proof. and once attached to an article can stay with the article for long periods of time. A Checko driven product registry provides a unique source of truth to the buyer to check the authenticity of a new or used item. For a used item, it also serves as a certificate of authenticity, which convinces future buyers that their purchase will hold value into the future.


Real-time location-based data from the offline world for swift and data driven business decisions

  • Help in understanding consumers' behaviour, measure your marketing performance/ROI, evaluate product lines, re- target more effectively!
  • Consumer data analytics solution that all big brands are looking for to serve more audience.
  • Complete Marketing Automation.

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