How Do I Know If Checko is Right for Me?

If you face one or more of these issues, then surely Checko is the right way to go!

Your products are one of a kind.
Your Label should be as well!

Complement your unique products with unique Checko labels.


What makes Checko different from others?

Existing solutions are either easily cloned, costly, susceptible to tampering, or have scanning mechanisms that are time-consuming and costly.
Earn the trust of your customers by using Checko transpacks technologies Anti-counterfeiting labels.

Go through these to find out how Checko stands out!

Checko Cost-effective Product Authentication Solution


Pay a tenth of the cost you pay for RFID/NFC.
Checko Anti-counterfeiting labels

World-Class Security

Cryptography benchmarked from with NIST & NSA, USA.
Checko per label unique Label making

Per label unique

Unique and copy-proof labels like human fingerprints
Checko Anti-counterfeiting labels

Universal Scanning

Android, iOS, and even low-end smartphones, with 4MP camera.
Proprietary Ink Anti-counterfeiting Label making

Proprietary Ink

Printed using proprietary inks for quick visual authentication
Checko Brand protection label making

Use on existing product labels

Minimum design, operational & logistic changes.
Checko Print Anywhere unique label making

Print Anywhere

Paper, laminates, plastics, etc.
Checko Anti-counterfeiting labels

Print on Product/Package

Using roll-to-roll printing machines.
Checko Anti-counterfeiting labels Consumer Program

Direct to Consumer Program

Product information, Warranty registration, Customer loyalty
Checko offering consumer data analytics

Data Analytics

Market better-using geo-location, customer information, buying habits, sales data, region, etc.
Trust Checko Warranty Registration

Mark of Trust

Checko is Always secure, and therefore promotes your brand trust among consumers.
Checko brand protection label making

Brand Enhancement

Offer Checko anti-counterfeiting features as part of your brand promotion campaign.

Checko: World’s
ONLY 100% Copy-Proof

Checko labels ensure that only YOUR product reaches YOUR customer.


What makes a Checko label 100% copy-proof?

Understand the technology that works behind

  • Developing Checko
    Each Checko label is made using an intertwining of randomly generated 3D features and 2D code. These varieties of 3D features are generated using a patented technology that makes them physically unclonable.
  • Authenticating Checko
    Checko labels are authenticated using a smartphone app that consists of highly sophisticated image processing and AI modules. When scanning Checko labels, the 3D nature of the label is automatically detected, and 2D photocopies can be eliminated as forgery easily.

Checko labels are so
copy-proof, that even Checko can’t copy them.

100% Authentication Accuracy | 100% Copy Proof Labels
100% Tamper Proof Labels

Checko Technology Solutions

Product information

Checko labels can be used to supply additional product information after product scan like USPs, benefits, usage, product origin etc. for better positioning of the product and effective and engaging communication

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Loyalty program

Checko ensures that your existing customers keep coming back by enabling the marketing team to run a customer-centric, habit forming and contextual reward program through the Checko platform

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Warranty program

Checko enabled warranty programs to empower brands to be liable for warranty protection only on their genuine and tamper-proof products, saving them from fraudulent claims made on forgeries.

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Augmented Reality

Checko improves brand visibility and customer engagement by enabling a highly personalized and meaningful customer-brand interaction using Augmented Reality leading to an immersive experience

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Don’t Risk Getting Copied.

Secure Your Products with Checko. Checko labels combine the power of randomly organized 3D markers with a 2D crypto code, making it the world’s most secure label.

A Team you can Trust

At Checko, we are building the world’s first anti-counterfeiting labels, which empowers both brands and consumers to trust the genuineness of the products they trade. As sophistication in technology further makes it hard to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products, Checko will prove to be a Mark of Trust.

Checko is the brainchild of a team of entrepreneurs and researchers from IIT Kanpur, and is backed by visionary founders from various unicorns. The team is led and guided by some of the most celebrated corporate leaders in the world. The entire Checko team is driven and committed to ensuring that both brands and consumers benefit from genuine products.

Awards & Recognition

Checko is getting recognized as the next-gen, highly coveted security label worldwide.


  • Mr. Sandeep Pal, Senior Manager, CPC, and SN
    At the ground level, if we talk about farmers, there isn't a mechanism today that allows consumers to easily authenticate genuine products. Before Chambal Fertilizers adopted Checko, we lacked anti-counterfeiting solutions
    Mr. Sandeep Pal, Senior Manager, CPC, and SN
    Chambal Fertilizers

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