Automotive Components


Counterfeiting automotive components and packaging is a booming industry worldwide. Counterfeiters utilize an assortment of tactics and strategies to do so.
  • Counterfeiting a patented, copyrighted, or trademarked product
  • Modifying an original product without permission to sell it for a cheaper price
  • Selling fraudulent goods in counterfeit packaging made to look like genuine products
Counterfeits or spurious agricultural material harms brands and consumers alike
  • Serious injury or even death of the passengers
  • Drain a large portion of revenue from legitimate stakeholders
  • Reduction in exports, thus harmful to the overall economy
  • A frequent supply of counterfeited goods erodes consumer’s trust in the brand quality
  • Harms the overall name and reputation of the brand
As per a FICCI-Cascade analysis, around 20% of the road accidents are caused by counterfeit automobile parts, where this counterfeiting in the auto sector costs the state around Rs 2,200 crore in tax revenue as well. It is not simple to counterfeit an entire vehicle, therefore most counterfeiters tend to imitate automotive components instead, such as fake tires, air filters, batteries, airbags, brake pads, engine consumables like oil, and so on. Further, due to the rapid proliferation of online sales platforms and competing vehicle costs, there will be a massive surge in the automotive components industry. Such favorable forecasts make automotive components a prime target for counterfeiters, who stand to gain by selling tampered, diluted, and fake products.

So far, a combination of Hologram, QR Codes, and Serialization has been used to fight counterfeiters, but to no avail and effective zero security. These solutions are easily replicable, susceptible to tampering, and even require special scanning equipment. On the other hand, Checko is a 100% copy-proof and tamper-proof solution that ensures lasting protection for your products and even contributes to the enhancement of your brand's image, customer engagement, and marketing analytics.

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