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Counterfeiting is a universal challenge, with counterfeit goods sales likely to more than double to Rs 119 trillion by 2022. According to a FICCI Cascade study, even the Indian economy loses about Rs 1 Trillion owing to smuggling and counterfeiting in five major areas, such as Capital Goods (Machinery and Parts) and Consumer (Electronics) Durables.

  1. Around 20% of road accidents are caused by counterfeit automobile parts, as per a FICCI-Cascade analysis.
  2. Even counterfeited lubricants are dangerous as it risks passenger safety, degrades vehicle life, and depletes brand revenue & image.
  3. Counterfeited agriculture chemicals poison the food chain, jeopardize food security, pollutes the environment, and promote food inflation & farmer suicides.
  4. In pharmaceuticals, counterfeit medications threaten human health, killing one million people each year as per Interpol reports, and even induce disease mutations.
  5. According to an AC Nielsen research, 30% of the FMCG sector is lost to counterfeit goods, and 80% of FMCG consumers who purchased these products assumed that they had purchased originals.
  6. Consumption and usage of substandard or low-quality FMCG goods may result in significant health problems.

Counterfeiting incidents in India have escalated at an alarming rate of 20% year-on-year growth in the last three years

'The State of Counterfeiting in India 2021', published by ASPA

Brands and their Consumers are Helpless!

Counterfeiting has taken many forms in different sectors of the economy, the major being

An authentic product that has been diluted
A fake packaged in reused branded packaging (containers/packets/bottles)
Imitation of the brand names, packaging, or labels
Entirely fake product

Counterfeiting is a universal challenge. Accept this challenge using product authentication solution by Checko. To tackle such problems in a strategic manner, Checko has come up with a common set of goals to aspire for, in the major sectors of the economy

  • Plug the revenue drain
  • Control the entry of counterfeit packages into the supply chain
  • Stop brand erosion and loss of customer confidence due to the counterfeit
  • Enhance brand perception by supplying genuine products to their customers
  • Prevent diversion of merchandise across sales areas & stop undercutting
  • Value Addition
    • Enhanced customer analytics
    • Engaging consumer experience using augmented reality
    • Product information


Checko combines randomly generated 3D markers with a 2D crypto code, making the labels physically unclonable.

What does Checko do?
At the brand's packaging facility, Checko labels are applied to every single item in the production line, making every single product package individually identifiable and unclonable. These products can then be tracked across the supply chain to their end consumers, where a consumer can independently ascertain the genuineness of the product, by simply using a smartphone and a publicly available Checko App.


  • Enhanced customer loyalty and brand confidence
  • Improved customer awareness and trust
  • Near real-time product location available to the company
  • Delivering extra perceived value to customers using the Checko app
  • Access to critical information in a local language on a cell phone

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